Friday, December 4, 2009


When someone is born and raised in a remote area with little connection to the rest of the world, it may be nearly impossible for some to have an idea of what the rest of the world is like. Siddhartha has grown in a decollate place like this but has gotten lucky. He came into the local town and met me. I told him how peaceful and quite his land was. How calm everything is and how it is simple to live. Saying this about his normal life made a thought sit in his mind about what my land could possibly be like. After waiting nearly a month of getting passports and whatnot he is finally flying to South Hadley to visit a different world.

Getting off the plane, Siddhartha doesn’t know a thing about advanced society so I needed to stand by him through every step of everything that had to be done. Driving the long commute in the jeep was even unique because he had never been in a vehicle before. The amount of questions spinning in his head, wondering how everything works and how it came about, he was speechless not knowing what to say first.

The rout we traveled to the place of peace that I enjoy was down rt202 . We traveled through the loud city of Holyoke, then quieter South Hadley, and finally quiet Granby. The rain was falling very hard like it does in the movies when something goes wrong, but there was nothing wrong. When we arrived at dufranes park, driving at a slow speed , the pavilions came into sight through the thick sheets of rain. We had to put the windows up as far as they could go because around here when there’s rain, the wind comes and blows it nearly horizontal sometimes. If you don’t want to get wet you must run fast to get to the picnic table with a roof over it. Once we got there we sat on the picnic tables and looked at the pond.